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Taumata Curriculum


The Taumata School curriculum will vaue experiential learning because we believe that real learning occurs through memorable, emotional and socially connected learning experiences. Whilst foundation skills in Literacy and Numeracy are highly valued the Taumata School curriculum will value learning in a transdisciplinary way; recognising and valuing all learning disciplines. Taumata School learners will be appropriately challenged, inspired and guided.

Learning Principles


Learning principles are values that inform our teaching and learning practice.  Through a community consultation process five principles were identified to guide learning at Taumata School.  These learning principles include:

Collaboration, Creativity, Authentic Learning, Learner Agency and Grit.



Learning at Taumata School will value collaboration; the ability to work interdependently and synergestically in teams/with others. It will encourage connections, contributions and high levels of communication. Collaboration will build an understanding of team dynamics and challenges, making decisions together and learning from and contributing to the learning of others around us.

Principal and VP's

Authentic Learning

Authentic learning is learning that is deep, personal and passionate. It is real and relevant. It values exploration, discussion and meaningful construction of concepts and relationships. Authentic learning is learner centred (has learners at the hear) and values learning that is experiential, transdisciplinary and active engagment and values play, project based simulations and connections to the real world.


Learning at Taumata will value creativity. Creativity will allow our students to imagine, innovate and invent. It will encourage ingenuity, problem-solving, open-mindedness, making connections and exploring new possibilities. The greatest gift we can give our future world is adults with the capacity to think critically and creativly to solve new and challenging problems.


Learner Agency


Learner agency is building the capacity to have power (and choice) over learning. It requires learners to have an understanding of and ability to be a part of learning design. At Taumata School we believe ‘agentic children’ become ‘agentic adults’ who are better equipped to make decisions about what is required to learn best, how we prefer to learn and where best our learning might take place.


The world of tomorrow requires citizens with high levels of tenacity, perseverence and resilience. We value Grit, and believe a focus on this competency will give our learners the ability to work through (and support others) challenges, experiences, and setbacks. Grit for our learners will encourage commitment, perseverence and success.

Spotlight on Learning


Taumata School is an environment committed to the vision of 'empowerment'.  We draw on research and evidence to shape and implement the best teaching and learning approaches for our learners.

These spotlight sheets are designed to be parent friendly and provide guidance on the Taumata Way.  Please click on the relevant spotlight sheet to download PDF.

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Opening February 2019

Opened February 2019