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Nau Mai, Haere Mai, Welcome

Community Meeting led by Ministry of Education


Proposed Amendment Zones
Monday 28th August 5.30pm

Subject: Community Meeting led by Ministry of Education - Proposed Amendment Zones

We are writing to inform you about an upcoming community meeting organised by the Ministry of Education to discuss the proposed amendment Zones and related materials. Your input and participation are essential to the Taumata School community as we navigate these important decisions together.


As you are aware, the Ministry of Education initiated a community consultation process last week concerning the proposed amendment zones for our school. This process is designed to gather feedback and insight from Taumata School community members, parents, whanau, future whānau and the wider Lakes community, ensuring that the final decisions made reflect the best interests of all stakeholders.

Community Hui Details:

All of the Taumata School community is invited to attend a community hui facilitated by the Ministry of Education. This hui is a platform for you to ask the Ministry questions, express your opinions, and contribute to the ongoing discussion about the proposed amendment zones. Your input is crucial in shaping the future of our educational community.

  • Date: Monday 28th August, 2023
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Location: Taumata School Hall

Click here to the consultation survey and information.

Enrolling at Taumata School


Starting school is an exciting event. Establishing a robust home-school partnership starts with beginning the enrolment process early. This partnership will ensure a positive experience for you and your child.


Enrolment Process





If your child is turning 5:

Your child can start school between the ages of 5 and 6. Most parents start their children when they turn 5. To enable us to provide a transitional experience that is inclusive and well planned, we begin new entrants in Weeks One and Six of each term.

Enrolling online at least six months before they turn 5 helps the school to plan for your child's arrival. A member of Taumata School will contact you to arrange a time to meet and complete the enrolment process.

Once a place at Taumata School is confirmed a transition programme will be provided to ensure a successful school start.

For children starting in Term 1 of any given year:

  • Learning Coaches will visit your child at their preschool in term 4, the year prior to starting
  • Educational sessions for parents will be provided to cover: school readiness; play-based learning, Taumata School’s culture, vision and values; brain rules; and child well-being.

For children starting in Term’s 2-4:

  • Learning coaches complete a preschool visit
  • Our team organise three transitional visits to Taumata School for your child. While your child is gaining an insight into the ways of a New Entrant, you will get to meet other parents who are joining Taumata School. A member of Taumata School will also discuss school readiness; play-based learning; our culture, vision and values; brain rules; and child well-being. Please note, as a legal requirement, you are required to stay on site.

Changing schools

If your child is changing school, as a courtesy please let your current school know. Once you have completed the enrolment form online, a member of Taumata School will contact you and arrange a time to complete the enrolment process.

Once enrolment has been confirmed we provide a 'familiarisation visit' so that your child can see their designated learning space and meet their learning coach.  This will be coordinated at a time that suits our school needs.


Visits during school time:

Unfortunately due to the high number of requests we do not provide 'walk throughs' for parents to evaluate whether this school is 'suitable' during learning times.   As you can appreciate we have many requests on a weekly basis and this can prove disruptive to our programmes.  We do however offer set times where a member of the leadership is available to give you a tour of the school if you are relocating to our area.  Please contact the office for more detail.



The office will be closed from the 13th December 2022 through to the 02nd February 2023. During this time we welcome your enrolments however kindly note that applications will only be checked after we return. We will then communicate on how to progress the enrolment. Children will only be able to start school once we have completed the Enrolment Process and can confim their start date at Taumata School.

Taumata School Zone

Taumata School is a full primary but will only cater for learners in Years 1-6 in 2019, Years 7’s in 2020, and year 8’s 2021. Students living within the determined school zone will have an absolute right to enrolment at Taumata School.




The boundaries of the Home Zone are as follows:

Start at the intersection of State Highway (SH) 29A and Hastings Road. Follow SH 29A west to the roundabout at Takitimu Drive intersection, head south along SH 36 to the roundabout where it meets Kennedy Road. The Zone includes the development to the west of the Kennedy Road/Sh 36 roundabout.

From the Kennedy Road/SH 36 roundabout follow SH 36 south to Te Ranga Memorial Drive (underpass). The zone includes the development south and south-west of SH 36 on Te Ranga Memorial Drive and the surrounding streets. From the roundabout where SH 36 joins Pyes Pa Road follow a line across to and including number 262 to Royce Road. Head north along Joyce Road.

At number 91 Joyce Road, follow a line north to the east of Garvan Glen and Glenorchy Place, through to and including numbers 66/75 Inverness Drive [ehere Inverness Drive meets Condor Drive]. Head west along Inverness Drive to the Intersection with Pyes Pa Road - include side roads Veda Place and Glenmonarch Place. All of Inverness Drive is included in the zone.

Note: The Zone does not include addresses on and side roads off Pyes Pa Road between number 146 and SH 29.

From the intersection of Inverness Drive and Pyes Pa Road, follow a line north-west of Pyes Pa Road and east of Pengary Ave, to the start of the zone at the intersection of SH 29 and Hastings Road. Numbers from and including 148 to 520 Pyes Pa Road are included in the zone.

Once you have ascertained eligibility to be a learner at Taumata School, you will need to complete our online enrolment form and provide copies of your eligibility documentation.


Please note that all enrolments will be subject to approval and confirmation in writing by our administration team.

Enrolment Question and Answers

How can I prepare my child for school?

Being independent and able to manage themselves and their belongings are the most crucial elements for making children feel comfortable and able to cope with the school setting. We encourage children to have opportunities to see and talk about the world around them; including letters, sounds, shapes, colours, numbers and other areas of interest. It is not essential for your child to know all of their letters and numbers before starting school as introducing these are key parts of our early learning experiences. We provide a learning through play learning environment in our New Entrant studio, and you can support this at home by encouraging your child’s curiosity, creativity, questioning, and talking about their interests.

How long should I stay at school with my child on their first full day?

The teacher will advise you on when it is best to leave. Some children are more focused when they are away from their parents, so it is good if you settle them in before the school day officially begins, tell them you are leaving and do so in a matter of fact way. We invite you to come down to The Grove by the office to make yourself a hot drink and spend some time in this space once you have left your child’s learning studio.


What will my child do at break time?

There are many places your child can play during break times. A teacher is always on duty and children are supervised while they are eating.

What can I do to continue supporting my child?

Share the excitement of starting a new school. During the first few weeks visit your child’s learning studio before or after school so they can share their learning. Listen to your child talk about their day and celebrate their successes. Remember that settling fully into school can range from a few days to some weeks.


How will I know what my child is doing at school?

The school will keep you informed about what is happening at school through regular newsletters, website updates and our facebook page. Stay in touch with the school staff and if you have concerns talk to your child’s learning coach. Communication can happen informally as an opportunity arises in the classroom or formally by arranging a time.

Important Documents

Please familiarise yourself with the following documents. You will be asked to provide consent regarding these on the enrolment form and sign when we meet.

enrol.jpg  code.jpg  EOTC.jpg  Cyber.jpg  pv.jpg


Annual Report 2022 | Strategic Plan 2023-2026


AR.jpg  C.jpg




Empowered to learn | Empowered for life

Opening February 2019

Opened February 2019