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Taumata School logo explained

Our Logo

Our Logo


It symbolises:

Enduring connections between land, air and water. Aspiration for achievement and success (one’s own pinnacle). The empowerment of learners for the local, national and global scene. Connections between all learners and the community. The adventure that is life.

The logo is based around a triangular shape which symbolises the concept of reaching the pinnacle. Within the shape there is connection to tuakana and teina (older and younger learning relationships) the life force of water (Kopurererua stream and Tauranga Moana) along with ascending stairs (the poutama steps towards profound learning).

An additional abstract connection that can be drawn is with the koru recognising the two Maunga (mountains Puwhenua and Otanewainuku); the stream resource and wetlands and four poutama steps recognising the four learning studios within the school.

The Taumata School logo has been designed through a consultative process by Coredesign.

Empowered to learn | Empowered for life

Opening February 2019

Opened February 2019