Nau Mai, Haere Mai,
Welcome to Taumata School


Taumata School is a future focused, innovative learning environment that opened to The Lakes and Pyes Pa Community on 7 February 2019.  We are a purpose-built innovative learning environment that is committed to learner-centric pedagogy, personalised learning, collaborative and experiential learning and where we are committed to growing confident, connected and capable citizens of the future.

The Mission of Taumata School is to:

"create a personalised, world-class learning experience that prepares and empowers learners for the adventure that is life"


Closely aligned to this is our emerging vision:

"Empowered to learn; Empowered for life"


We are located on a 5 hectare ridge-line site overlooking what was formerly natural wetlands and a rich source of resources for local hapu Ngai Tamarawaho. The design of our school is based on sound evidence and international research on how children learn best. The learning studios are agile, flexible and collaborative and cater for mixed and varied learning opportunities..


We welcome you once again to our Taumata School website and should you have any queries please use the contact button in the Menu.

Empowered to learn | Empowered for life

Opening February 2019

Opened February 2019