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Nau mai haere mai ki te kura ō Taumata
A warm welcome to Taumata School


Taumata School is a future focused; purpose built; innovative learning environment that opened on 7 February 2019.  We are committed to learner-centric pedagogy; personalised learning; collaboration and learning through quality experiences.   We are committed to growing confident, connected and capable citizens for the future.


Our Mission:

" to create a personalised, world-class learning experience that prepares and empowers learners for the adventure that is life"


Our Vision:

"Empowered to learn; Empowered for life"


Located on a 5 hectare ridge-line site we overlook what was formerly natural wetlands and a rich resource for local hāpu Ngai Tamarawaho. The learning design of Taumata draws on sound evidence and international research on how children learn best. Our learning studios are agile; flexible; and collaborative; and cater for mixed and varied learning opportunities.


We look forward to you joining us on this unique and privileged journey.

Empowered to learn | Empowered for life

Opening February 2019

Opened February 2019